Friday, 14 November 2014

The Patented Bacon-Pan Cleaning Marrow Method

This is brilliant. You will love me forever. And you will also never have to scrub to the point of ruination a pan in which you have had the audacity to fry bacon, apparently rending null and void all its purported non-stick properties!  Short version: scoop out the bacon and dump in some chopped marrow / courgettes, and leave it on to simmer. Pan is easy to clean PLUS you get a lovely bacony marrow/courgette side dish. WIN!

I see you're frying bacon... Getting it all nice and crispy, are we? Can I interest you in some...

Courgettes! Courgettes here, youngish adult marrows in other scenarios, something with lots of lovely wet inside.

Scoop out the bacon with a slotted spoon (if you possess such a thing, otherwise any spoon, though perhaps not a teaspoon), leaving the bacony fat behind and any larger chunks you feel you can spare.

LOOK AT THAT PAN. You could scrub that for hours and still collapse weeping in the kitchen corner, defeated by bacon grime. How have they not harnessed its powers for science? But wait!

Carelessly toss huge lumps of courgette / marrow into the pan, don't even bother to stir them if you can't be bothered.

Turn the heat right down and cover them with a lid. Go about your business. Finish making and eating your bacon and blue cheese salad, if that's what you're doing, or a splendid full English, or as you will.

Remember about the courgette / marrow, and it looks like THIS. Pop that in a tupperware or a bowl to put in the fridge, as a handy effort-free side, and wash the pan oh-so oh-so easily, just your usual swish, no impenetrable bits to scrub off. IT IS MAGIC.

Here the bacon & marrow side is gracing a plate of sausage and mash with green beans.

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