Tuesday, 28 October 2014

How to chop a bell pepper

Maybe this is super-obvious, but I spent several years when I first learnt to cook using a lot of peppers and being baffled at how best to disassemble them. So for anyone else that's puzzled, here you go!

Chop the entire pepper, stalk and all, in half lengthways.

Use a little knife to cut down the white pithy strips inside... 

... and round the stalky bit.

You can just rip it out with your hands, I use a knife to keep the seeds from showering everywhere.

But I still use my hands to pull the last white bits out.

Two excavated pepper halves.

Cut it into long strips, lengthwise. How thick you cut your strips depends on the dish. For frittata, I cut thin strips; for ratatouille, I cut it into thirds; for curry, I cut them about an inch wide.

Tada! All your pepper strips, ready to go. This bundle is going into a frittata.

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